Paramount Pictures is betting on Adam Sandler in their upcoming film The Pizza Delivery Guy.
Paramount Pictures is betting on Adam Sandler in their upcoming film The Pizza Delivery Guy.

Hollywood, CA — No one likes a comeback story more than Hollywood and according to Paramount Pictures insiders, the nearly 1 trillion-dollar entertainment enterprise is placing all of its chips on one-time movie hit-maker Adam Sandler in an upcoming Summer release titled The Pizza Delivery Guy. According to a draft script, the film follows the life of Justin, a middle-aged man who still delivers pizza while he follows his dreams of being a famous dog trainer.

Drew Barrymore stars as Jessa, the manager of Tossers Pizzeria in San Dimas, CA who is pursued as a love interest by Sandler’s character. Justin spend his evenings stoned delivering pizzas to other stoned customers, and his days coaching his 14 once stray dogs on how to compete in dog shows.

Sandler’s Struggles

Early in his career, in 1987, Sandler played Theo Huxtable’s friend, Smitty in The Cosby Show and the Stud Boy or Trivia Delinquent in the MTV game show Remote Control. After his film debut Going Overboard in 1989, Sandler performed in comedy clubs, having first taken the stage at his brother’s urging when he was 17. He followed this film with Bulletproof (1996), and the financially successful comedies Happy Gilmore (1996) and The Wedding Singer (1998).

He was initially cast in the bachelor-party-themed comedy/thriller Very Bad Things (1998) but had to back out due to his involvement in The Waterboy (1998), one of his first hits. However since then, many of his films have tanked at the box office, including 2015’s over-hyped Pixels and a failed appearance as a drop-in character on the TV hit The Walking Dead.

Paramount is betting big on The Pizza Delivery Guy, with a reported budget of close to 42 million dollars on just the production alone, and over 45 million on world-wide marketing. The Pizza Delivery Guy is scheduled to be released in late July.

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