God’s not that judgmental

Unbelievable! I was in a Goodwill and there’s a huge painting, referring back to the famous painting of God reaching down to Adam. But in the painting Adam is handing God a drink and three naked women are performing sex acts on God. I start raving about it, and people are just walking by shaking their heads like I’m a lunatic!

I should have put my foot through it!!!

Then I go get the manager, and two of them come back with me, one said he thought it was quite clever. I said I was outraged and it was blasphemy, and besides that you have children here and there’s huge naked women for them to see fortunately they listened to me and took it down. But acted like there was something off with me, SMH! How can people be THIS blind?? The painting was like 10 foot by 5 foot, HUGE.


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