The cast of A Chorus Line interrupting a Nevada County Board of Supervisors' Meeting.
The cast of A Chorus Line interrupting a Nevada County Board of Supervisors meeting. Photo courtesy of David C Jensens frontal cortex. Or deeper.

Nevada City, CA — In what appears to be developing into a uniquely Nevada County event, the entire cast of A Chorus Line briefly invaded the Board of Supervisors chamber to perform a heart-wrenching version of their popular “What I Did for Love” to a mostly indifferent, and some would say annoyed district leaders.

The musical troupe, fresh off its successful engagements blocking traffic on highway 49 and interrupting a showing of the action film Mad Max, appeared in the Supervisor’s chambers. During a lengthy and dull discussion about establishing another 14 historical districts, female lead Donna Applegate started humming the woeful and resigned signature tune from the musical. Supervisor Nate Beason looked up over his microphone and addressed the crowd.

“Is someone singing?” demanded a cross Mr. Beason. “Is someone singing during this hearing? I demand order. Who sings during a meeting?”

As Mr. Beason was trying to regain control of the meeting, the rest of the cast joined in singing in a supporting role. Just as his temper seemed to be at its peak, Supervisor Dan Miller of the 3rd District started visibly sobbing and mouthing the lyrics to the bridge of the song:

It hurts, that I remember every scar
And I’ve learned
But living is the hardest part

At this point Supervisor Beason summoned a deputy Sheriff to restore order, however by this time Dan Miller was singing at the top of his lungs the chorus’ main refrain. Witnesses report that he was terribly out of tune. By the time the cast had finished their “performance,” the deputies arrived to an entire room of crying older men, with the exception of Mr. Beason who was furious. As the deputies stood in the doorway, the cast arose from their seats and quietly exited the building.

No arrests were made, but Dan Miller insisted that the chamber have a larger supply of tissues.

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