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You thought 2016 was bad? Wait until 2017.

Fearful Nation Braces for 2017

With the Thanksgiving holiday behind them Americans are beginning to acknowledge that 2017 is a mere month away, leading to heightened anxiety as they wonder how bad of a fisting they'll receive from 2016's big brother.
Hugh Hefner Dead at 91

Gish Gallop Salutes Our Heroes: Hugh Hefner Dead at 91

Hugh Hefner who was the founder of Playboy enterprises and hosted the popular "California's Gold" for 18 seasons died after a battle with prostate cancer this according to his official death certificate. Hefner was 91.

Video Report: Source of Zika Virus Revealed

In this exclusive video obtained by Gish Gallop from an anonymous informant, the private "virus marketplace" called ATCC is preserving and selling the horrible virus which is being sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation.
Russian-backed hackers have altered popular Fake News browser plug-ins and inserted a virus.

Homeland Security Warns of Russian Virus in Fake News Browser Plug-in

The Department of Homeland Security has issued a brief via its advisory system warning citizens that several web browser extensions contain malicious code that seems to have originated from Russia and Macedonia.

Souplantation and Monsanto Team Up on Round-Up Ready Salad Bar

Early Saturday morning the agribusiness giant Monsanto and buffet-style salad bar chain Souplantation announced that they would be joining forces to produce the world's first Round-Up Ready salad bar.
Hollywood actor Jeremy James filmed what experts believe is evidence of a weapon used to start the Malibu forest fire.

Video: Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) Used In Malibu

Directed Energy Weapons or DEWs have been used in the recent Malibu, CA fires.
Merrilee Longshoes of North San Juan, CA believes she can cure Autism with coconut oil.

Area Woman Treats Autism with Coconut Oil

Merrilee Longshoes is concerned about her family’s health. And the health of those in the greater community. Recently she discovered the homeopathic healing qualities of coconut oil after reading several Facebook posts and a few alternative health web articles about the popular tropical oil.
The celebrities are being supported by liberal group Liberal Educated Support By Occupation or L.E.S.B.O.

American Celebrities Travel to Syria To Act as Human Shields

A civil war has plagued the country of Syria for 6 years. It has created hundreds of thousands of refugees. But today, their prayers have been answered. American celebrities Dustin "Screech" Diamond, Tom Green, Snooki and Andy Dick have arrived in Syria to act as human shields to prevent more American bombings.

Poll: 94% Of Respondents Wish Trump Could Trade Places With Capt. Humayun S.M. Khan

United States of America - Results from a new poll conducted over the weekend show an astounding number of Americans wish that Donald J. Trump could somehow trade places with Capt. Humayun S.M. Khan. The...
A disruption by an unidentified "atmospheric anomaly" has shutdown aircraft GPS in the US Southwest.

Aircraft GPS Outages Caused By Mysterious “Atmospheric Anomalies”

A Notam is warning operators of “all aircraft relying on GPS” of widespread GPS outages starting Tuesday throughout the Southwest and especially southern California.
A group of archaeologists from Brigham Young and Southern Methodist University have discovered what appears to be an ancient petroglyph.

Researchers Discover Ancient Petroglyph in California Lake

A group of archaeologists from Brigham Young and Southern Methodist University have discovered what appears to be an ancient petroglyph at the bottom of Scotts Flat Lake just outside of Nevada City, California.