Deciding a place to visit can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time. The process can be trickier for you as a weed lover because not all places allow the use of weed products. As a result, you need to be aware of destinations weed is legal. Although finding such places can be difficult, we researched for you so that you have an easy time picking a place you want to put on your must-visit list.

Here are the 8 best places you should visit as a weed enthusiast:

1. Jamaica

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Jamaica is a country that is popular worldwide for its extensive use of marijuana. Using marijuana in Jamaica is more of culture as people have been smoking it for ages. Jamaica has a considerable number of people who cultivate cannabis, which is what makes it easy to access it when you are in this country.

The Jamaican government allows people to get licenses to cultivate and sell marijuana due to its health benefits. So, when in Jamaica, don’t worry about how you can get marijuana as many dispensaries sell it. However, make sure you only buy less than 56.6 grams as it’s the maximum amount that you can have legally. Although there is no full legalization of marijuana in Jamaica, there are places where you can get just enough to smoke for recreational purposes.

2. Australia

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Australia is one place that attracts a lot of tourists every year. One of the reasons why Australia gets many tourists is the fact that using marijuana is legal there. Most people believe that every weed smoker should visit Australia. It is because a study shows that it’s one of the places where you can find weed that contains a high percentage of THC.

One important place that you should visit when in Australia is Nimbin. This town is famous for having weed-related events often that allow you to smoke openly. If you are lucky enough, then you can attend one of these events which can be an unforgettable experience since there aren’t many places that allow such occasions.

The people who live in this town are also friendly, which is an added advantage since they can help you access weed easily when you are there.

3. Canada

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Canada is among the countries that have legalized marijuana use recently at the federal level. This move has made Canada a major attraction of cannabis lovers since the number of tourists has increased since. Also, the climate in Canada favors marijuana growth, which boosts the availability of weed in the dispensaries.

One of the places that you should visit in Canada is Vancouver. This city has a deep weed culture, and one can find high-quality cannabis indica strains easily. There are also beautiful sites such as the Rockies where you can freely smoke as you enjoy your holiday.

Getting weed in this country is easy since you can order it online. However, make sure you get from a reputable online dispensary Canada offers. So, don’t worry about going through any trouble when looking for marijuana in Canada as you can get it delivered to your doorstep.

4. Netherlands

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Every weed lover should visit the Netherlands at least once in his or her life as it’s one of the best weed-friendly destinations. Visiting the Netherlands will fascinate you since it has not only beautiful waterways where you can smoke but also coffee shops that sell marijuana.

Even though using marijuana is still illegal in the Netherlands, you can comfortably buy about 5 grams of it from coffeeshops provided you are over 18. If you want to buy marijuana to use when indoors, then you can buy up to a maximum of 30 grams without facing any trouble.

If you love consuming weed edibles, then you can get plenty in the Netherlands coffee shops as they sell cakes and other baked goods that contain marijuana. Visiting the Netherlands can also be a great thing if your partner loves weed as it’s a romantic destination with amazing bridges and classy restaurants to relax.

5. Spain

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Unlike other places, Spain is unique in how it handles marijuana use. The coffee shops in Spain are almost similar to those in other places. However, the only difference is that you might need a membership card to buy weed from these coffee shops. You can befriend a local with membership in one of the coffee shops to help you buy weed since other means might be quite tricky.

Spain has events such as High life expo and Spannabis which you can attend and have a great adventure since you can even smoke in such occasions.

6. Cambodia

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Cambodia is another exciting weed-friendly destination that you can visit. The easy availability of marijuana in Cambodia has increased the number of tourists since there are many beautiful ancient sites and temples to visit after enjoying your weed.

Also, the price of weed in Cambodia is low, especially when you buy it in the open market. That way, you can get marijuana in Cambodia easily and without spending much.

7. USA, Alaska

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This incredible state in the U.S is one of the best places to get high as you enjoy the view of its beautiful lights. Using marijuana is legal in Alaska, which then makes it a great place to visit and have the time of your life if you are a weed lover. However, avoid using marijuana in places like national parks as you can get in deep trouble for that.

8. New Zealand

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New Zealand is among the most weed-friendly places that allow both the cultivation and use of marijuana. One of the best places to visit if you want to have an excellent weed experience in New Zealand is Wellington. Marijuana use in Wellington is massive, which means that you can access weed easily there. Also, you get to enjoy a beautiful view of waterfalls, and mountains as you smoke your weed.


As you can see in this article, there are many places that you can visit to have the best time of your life as a weed lover. If you are planning for a trip, make sure you visit at least one or two of the places we have talked about, so you don’t miss out on the fun.

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