As many as 1000 puppies have been separated from their mothers at the US/Mexican border.
As many as 1000 puppies have been separated from their mothers at the US/Mexican border.

Douglas, AZ — Illegal immigration has become a hot topic in our country after children have been separated from their parents and placed in camps or calls. This has been happening since the late 1990’s after a court decision in the U.S. 9th circuit court, and the creation of the Flores Consent Decree.

Yesterday, border patrol agents detained an adult German Sheppard and her puppies. They are suspected of crossing the border illegally and were not carrying any identification on them. Upon being detained, the Mother was separated from her puppies and placed in a kennel at the border patrol station.

The Border Patrol office in Arizona has been inundated with protesters and phone calls, including large groups from PETA as well as the ACLU. They are making their voices heard that the puppies be reunited with their Mom and be immediately released from custody.

Republicans, who have looked the other way in these cases of human separation, are taking notice and are working to free the dogs from federal custody. Senator Bachus (R) AL, has drafted a Bill intended to free the dogs and make sure this doesn’t happen to cats either. The Bachus Bill is expected to hit the Senate floor this week. There is still no word on a bill to stop the human suffering on the border.

Douglas, AZ resident and anti-immigration activist Steve Wallace, spoke to me near the border yesterday.

“I cannot believe they would accost a dog and her puppies, have they no humanity?” Questioned Steve. “At least those other Mexicans are getting their just do for coming here illegally, I say we send their kids back on their own and let God above sort em’ out.”

As the political climate continues to change across the country, those in Douglas await action.

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