Sacramento, CA — According to the conservative watchdog group Judicial Eyes, as many as three million children have been registered and scheduled to vote in the upcoming election. The 420-page report released by Judicial Eyes this week claims that the Californian Democrat Party has made “a concerted effort to register the highly impressionable youth vote” in an attempt “to subvert the will of the people.”

“The Newsom administration quietly spent at least $9 million in California taxpayers’ dollars in direct collusion with left-wing billionaire George Soros’ backing to register upwards of three million children to vote,” said Judicial Eyes president and founder Tim Dingal. “It is outrageous that courts allowed the George Soros operation to help direct taxpayer fund such operations.”

According to Mr. Dingal, this isn’t the first time California has meddled with elections.

“Well, you remember the 3 million vote thing back in the 2016 election, don’t you? With all those illegals voting for Hillary? In California? Liberals like to tell you how President Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million. Well, it looks like the Democrats are up to mischief again. And this time, it’s with our children.”

Judicial Eyes Deep Roots

The Judicial Eyes was founded in 2001 to help recall then-Governor Gray Davis. Although their efforts were primarily successful in ousting the embattled governor, the group was disappointed when Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected to replace him. Mr. Dingal considered Schwarzenegger a RINO, or a Republican in Name Only, not a true conservative.

When reached for comment, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla dismissed the claims as “rumor and conspiracy theories.”

“This is simply not true,” said Secretary Padilla during a brief telephone conference. “Children can not vote in California. This is a bizarre conspiracy created by a group to confuse the voters. Law enforcement is looking into this.”

As for Judicial Eyes, they are standing by their report.

“Look, you can’t trust the people who are the target of this investigation, can you? That’s how the deep state operates.”

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