Mar-A-Lago, FL — The 2024 Trump campaign is scrambling to explain a $200 million donation towards his election fraud claims from George Soros. The money arrived mysteriously over the weekend in the form of a check personally signed by the billionaire activist.

The check arrived via official carrier to Mr. Trump’s “Southern White House” and was paid to the order of the president’s most lucrative Political Action Committee DTS or Drain the Swamp. And despite years of criticism directed at Mr. Soros, much of it anti-Semitic, laced with layer after layer of various conspiracy theories, the DTS chairman immediately accepted and deposited the check.

“We accept donations from anyone willing to keep America great,” said DTS chairperson James Rickets. “Even our sworn nazi-collaborator enemies like George Soros. We have no idea what his intentions are, but it’s no matter. No one can buy president Trump.”

Drain the Swamp was formed by Mr. Rickets in 2015 following Mr. Trump’s presidential run announcement. DTS focused on creating a narrative linking her to Washington elites, Russian uranium interests, and a mistargeted affiliation with Pizza Hut. The former two successfully created doubt about Ms. Clinton’s qualifications for office. The latter was a complete misfire, overshadowed by the real Pizzagate scandal.

President Trump Jumps In

In a post on his Truth Social platform, President Trump thanked Mr. Soros for his donation. “I’d like to thank @georgesoros for KAG. Say hello to crooked Hillary for me.”

CNN asked the former president during an impromptu press conference after the Trump Campaign announced the unusual donation if the president thought Mr. Soros had a change of heart.

“I don’t know. I don’t even know this George Soros person, although they’ve done several terrific documentaries about him on Fox News,” said Trump. “From what I can tell, he’s a very shady character. That’s what I call him. Shady Soros. We’ll have to see what happens.”

According to the Federal Elections Commission or FEC, directly accepting large donations might violate the law. DTS’s Rickets said it is “ludicrous and stupid” and that the President can do whatever he wants with the money.

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