Columbus, IN — A newly surfaced high school yearbook photo seems to show Vice President Mike Pence dancing to Abba’s 1976 chart-topping hit Dancing Queen. The photo was snapped for Columbus North High School’s Enchantment Under the Sea Dance, held at the local RollerWorld roller skating rink.

“That Mike could dance on his skates,” said former high school close friend Gary Gunner who said he and the Vice President “were inseparable” during their junior and senior years. “But more than anything, he loved Abba. Everything Abba. One time we were in his parent’s basement, and he came out dressed like that striking blonde–what was her name?–Agnetha something. Anyhow, I have to admit he looked stunning.”

Others remember his grace out on the rollerskating rink.

Mike Pence was a Roller Rink Sensation

“Everyone was so jealous of Michael,” said Carol Cavins, the lead song girl on the Columbus North cheerleading squad. “I mean, he was so graceful out there. But he could shake it too. When the Bay City Rollers came on, you know, singing Saturday Night, Michael would take over. Everyone thought he’d go into dance or ballet or something like that. But the Vice President? Get out of here.”

Mr. Pence was Columbus’s first skater to try out something new called rollerblades given to him by his Aunt Millie, who lived in Manhattan.

“Mike loved his Aunt Millie, as the family like to call him, I mean, her,” continued Gary. “She was always sending him all kinds of knick-knacks from New York City. During his sophomore year, he spent the summer there with her, and Millie took him all around. She was an actress in Andy Warhol’s films. Anyhow, Mike thought that kind of stuff was swelling, and I guess a lot of it rubbed off on him.”

When reached for comment, the Vice President’s press secretary Katie Waldman said the photos were indeed authentic, and she added that Mr. Pence still loves to rollerskate when he can find the time.

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